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Palisades Mission Statement 

At Palisades Elementary School our mission is to ensure that all students are caring, confident, high level learners, performing at or above grade level standards.  

Palisades Vision Statement

Palisades' dedicated staff are commited to preparing our students for an ever changing world.  We envision our school as a place of excellence where students are engaged in critical thinking, creativity and communication to facilitate innovative learning experiences and achieve at high levels. In order to achieve the shared vision of our school, Palisades Staff has made the following collective commitments:


Palisades Collective Commitments

  • We will provide Great First Instruction (GFI) with high levels of student engagement; and Cognitive Guided Instruction (CGI) to facilitate critical thinking, exploration and problem solving.
  •  We will engage in meaningful collaboration utilizing the Plan, Do, Study, Act model to meet all student needs. 
  • We will prioritize our standards and identify essential Learning Targets that will meet the needs of all learners. 
  • We will develop and implement common formative assessments to monitor each student’s learning and adjust our instruction based on student results. 
  • We will provide differentiated intervention to students not meeting the standard and enrichment to students who exceed the standards. 
  • We will partner with parents and the community to prepare our students academically, socially and emotionally.