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Friday Flag Ceremony

The Friday Flag Ceremony is held every Friday morning at 7:45 a.m. on the upper blacktop area by the lunch tables. Parents are invited to attend. The Friday Flag Ceremony is an opportunity for parents to observe "students in action" via the WAVE Morning Show, which also broadcasts over the school’s PA system 3 mornings each week. One class is featured during each WAVE Morning Show, in which a student leads our Pledge of Allegiance, another gives the weather/surf report and a third student tells a funny joke!  Our students love the opportunity to practice their leadership and presentation skills in this format!  At Friday Flag, the Show is followed by information and announcements, as well as the presentation of honors and awards earned by our students, each week. Our Peer-Assisted Leadership Strategies (PALS) team organizes and facilitates the awards portion of the program and leads our students, staff, and parents in a rousing rendition of our Palisades Wave Song, before sending students off to their classrooms for the day.  Parents have opportunity to meet and chat with other parents, purchase WAVE wear, and learn more about upcoming events and activities before heading out for the day.