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Principal's Message

Hello WAVES Families!
It is with great excitement and anticipation that I look forward to this 2023-24 school year!  This past spring, Palisades' students achieved beyond our expectations in all areas according to our SBA, Dibels, and iReady data, indicating our MTSS structured "by name and by need" intervention program has been incredibly effective.  We plan to add a 4th day of WAVE Time intervention this year, to continue the upward trend!  Additionally, our STEAM program continues to expand:  we now have an after school Robotics club, as well as weekly STEAM Labs for each class on campus. Our students will also have weekly access to our Art Studio where they can practice concepts learned, enjoy artistic creativity, and enter monthly art contests in which their work is displayed. The Palisades Education Foundation and PTA have been instrumental in funding supplies and materials with which our children learn coding, engineering, mathmatical and art concepts in an interactive and engaging format, and teachers regularly weave STEAM concepts and activities into their classroom lessons.   
Our staff embodies passion for student learning, collaboration, and instructional innovation.  Regular review of data drives instruction and allows our teachers and support staff to make timely adjustments,  thereby providing students with meaningful, rigorous lessons that are differentiated to help all students learn.  Hands-on, collaborative lessons are frequently utilized to stimulate critical thinking while fostering problem solving skills. Our Big Buddy program and mainstreaming opportunities foster positive peer interactions across grade levels.  In addition to academics, our staff emphasizes and celebrates positive character development in our WAVES’ students through our monthly Character Counts program. Our WAVES are Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn; and, at Palisades, our goal is to facilitate a safe, supportive learning environment in which every student can thrive.
Palisades is blessed with ongoing, generous support from our community and volunteers, as well as our active Education Foundation and PTA.  Their collective time, effort, funding, and sponsorship have allowed our students to participate in enrichment programs, engage in novel experiences, and showcase their talents in many and varied ways. Together, our students, staff and community create a unique, eclectic, and highly prized elementary school!
A little about me:
I have been in education for more than two decades, as both a teacher and an administrator, and I consider my most important role to be that of child advocate. It is a priority that all of our students achieve at high levels within the context of a safe and supportive school environment; and I will work along-side you to see that our students develop confidence and capability through successful experiences in academic and social realms. Together, we will implement systems of support that promote clear and high expectations, while providing the specific and targeted support each student needs to succeed.  We will celebrate successes, encourage every day, and show our students that each and every one is a valued individual who has a special place in our school community.
Over the years, I have served in a variety of teaching and educational leadership roles, administratively as a Program Specialist, and most recently, an Assistant Principal of a neighboring elementary school.  I have an extensive background in special education, building and developing programs, and facilitating multi-disciplinary teams to identify and accomplish the agreed upon goals of our stakeholders.  On a more personal note, my husband and I have been married for 34 years and we are the blessed parents of three children, all of whom have been Capistrano Unified students. 
Rebecca Bailey